dungeons and dragons bard college of swords character build

DnD 5e Guide to Building a Bard College of Swords

When building a Bard: College of Swords, consider the following: Choose a race with high Dexterity and Charisma modifiers Build bard around fencing and social prowess Learn College of Swords benefits and Blade Flourish Choose bard spells that complement a swashbuckling fencer and aid the …

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dnd 5e guide to playing tabaxi

Guide to Building Tabaxi Characters: DnD 5e

Consider the following builds when creating a Tabaxi character in DnD 5e Black Panther Gloom Stalker Golden Jaguar Paladin: Oath of Devotion Housecat Burglar (Rogue Thief) Cocky Cat Duelist (Bard: College of Swords) Tabaxi can take a variety of builds, giving the character some cool …

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