guide to build a necromancer wizard dnd 5e

Guide to Building a Necromancer Wizard: DnD 5e

Necromancers in Dungeons and Dragons 5e are masters of absorbing life and raising minions to do their bidding.  Wizards in DnD 5e usually hold the group role of the intelligent master of the arcane—someone the rest of the party can turn to for answers.  However, …

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warforged cleric domain of light dnd 5e character guide

DnD 5e Cleric Domain of Light Guide: Warforged Terminator

Build a warforged cleric Domain of Light in DnD 5e as a zombie terminator: Lean into Warforged traits for Defense Build a basic cleric with high AC, shield and mace Utilize fiery Domain of Light abilities and spells against enemies Choose utility spells to compliment …

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zombie apocalypse guide dnd 5e pathfinder 2e

Zombie Apocalypse Guide: DnD 5e and Pathfinder

Zombies are raised through necromancy in Dungeons and Dragons 5e and Pathfinder 2e, either as mindless minions or a plague-ridden hoard.  These monsters are often used as early-level villains, raised by necromancers as minions or rising from some other magical phenomena.  However, they come in …

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