Guide to Building a Centaur Character: DnD 5e

When building a centaur character in DnD 5e, consider the following elements and classes:

Centaur backgrounds and culture

Introduced in Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica, centaurs are powerful warriors of the fey realm.  With a mighty equine body, these wanderers love to run and roam over miles of open fields.  Naturally, they live a nomadic lifestyle, so community is an important element to take into consideration with a centaur’s backstory.

We could look at a centaur character’s sense of home as being the wide open wild.  They have no concept of staying in place, which could be a fun storytelling piece.  Maybe my character was born to adventure, or maybe I was forced away from my roaming community.

Also, think of the inherent power centaur’s carry and the lore this power brings.  They are faster and stronger than most races and even have a built in calvary.  In other words, consider adding elements of a warrior culture to a centaur character.

Build around Strength and Wisdom.

Firstly, centaurs gain a +2 Strength/+1 Wisdom modifier, something we want to consider when choosing a class and role in the group.  One thing is for sure—some sort of melee combat is my character’s future.  However, a sense of nature and perceptive Wisdom can make for interesting spell casting as well.

Centaurs are considered Fey instead of humanoid and have a speed of 40 feet. Plus, Charge allows me to make an attack with my hooves (1d4 + Strength modifier) as a bonus action if I move 30 feet beforehand.  Equine Build grants me the carrying capacity of a creature one size larger than me.  However, climbing takes 4 feet of extra movement to accomplish instead of 1.  Finally, Survivor grants me an inherent proficiency of my choice: Animal Handling, Medicine, Nature and Survival.

Fighter Cavalier

A fighter class can utilize a centaur’s natural power for devastating melee combat.  Features like Second Wind, Action Surge and Extra Attack make me formidable at early levels.

When I choose the cavalier path at level 3, I’ll immediately gain a Bonus Proficiency: Animal Handling, History, Insight, Performance or Persuasion.  Or I’ll gain an extra language of my choice.  I’ll probably stick with a Wisdom-related skill like Insight.  Also, I’ll gain Born to the Saddle—but that doesn’t matter because I am the horse.

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Unwavering Mark is my final level-3 ability, which has a few benefits.  First, I’ll be able to mark an enemy when I land a melee attack.  Now, the enemy has disadvantage on attack rolls against foes other than me.  If they do attack and hit another foe, I can make a special melee weapon attack against the target.  With this special attack, I gain advantage and extra damage equal to half my fighter level.

As I level higher, I’ll gain abilities like Warding Maneuver (add 1d8 to my or ally’s AC as reaction), Hold the Line (enhanced opportunity attacks) and Vigilant Defender (special bonus action for opportunity attacks).  However, my favorite combination with the centaur is Ferocious Charger, which knocks enemies prone (DC 8 + proficiency + Strength modifier) when I move 10 feet or more before the attack.  Now, I can make a bonus attack with my hooves and knock the target prone.

Cleric Tempest Domain

A centaur cleric could make use of both Strength and Wisdom scores, combating foes with melee attacks while casting Wisdom spells for healing.  I’ll have an inherent ability to ward off the undead with Channel Divinity and gain spells like cure wounds and lesser restoration.  Naturally, the noble and glorious centaur could fit this mold well.

However, a Tempest Domain cleric could be a fantastic complimentary Domain for my character.  Imagine thundering hooves mixed with thundering attacks—imbued with the powerful storms of the plains.

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I gain Bonus Proficiencies in heavy armor and martial weapons, making me even more combat effective.  Plus, I’ll gain Wrath of the Storm, which blasts enemies who hit me for 2d8 lightning damage.  Of course, I’ll only have this ability an amount of times equal to my Wisdom modifier.

Then, my Channel Divinity grants me the maximum amount damage when rolling thunder or lightning damage.  From here, I add Thunderbolt Strike (push Large creatures 10 feet with lightning or thunder damage) and Divine Strike (deal extra 1d8 thunder damage).

Druid Circle of Wildfire

A Circle of Wildfire druid draws from the forces of destruction and rebirth that comes with wildfires.  I’ll gains access to healing and fire spells along with a unique Wildfire Spirit summon.  I may even homebrew a centaur that is more elk-like for this build to fit the theme a little better.

As far as my basic druid spells, I’ll utilize summons and melee combat spells like shillelagh and flame blade.  Plus, I’ll utilize all the helpful choices like druidcraft, healing word, animal friendship and find traps.

However, when I gain my Wildfire Circle Spells, I’ll gain thematic options like burning hands, scorching ray, cure wounds, revivify and even plant growth.

My Wildfire Spirit is a small, summoned beast who can take any form I choose.  This companion has the ability to fly and hover.  Plus, it has a ranged spell attack (Flame Seed) and the ability to teleport allies out of danger, burning enemies in its wake (Fiery Teleportation).  To summon my blazin buddy, I expend a use of my Wild Shape druid feature.  Because I’m already big and strong, I figure summoning backup is a better use for this character.

As I level this druid, I will enhance my effectiveness with an extra 1d8 to fire damage and healing spells (Enhanced Bond).  Also, I’ll be able to tap into ghostly flames, arising wear enemies fall to either damage another foe or heal an ally (Cauterizing Flames).

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