Guide to Building a Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer: Dnd 5e

To build a draconic bloodline sorcerer, consider the following:

Draconic Bloodline Sorcerers in DnD 5e use raw, innate magic, enhanced by dragon blood and Meta Magic that offers extra benefits to the spell.

As opposed to the wizard, sorcerers use intuition and instinct to hone their magic, and those that share a draconic bloodline are granted a ferocious source of this power.  The fun part about creating this character is the thematic, elemental nature of my spell selection.  Depending on the color of my draconic bloodline, I’ll gain added benefits to an inherent damage source (fire, lightning, acid, cold, etc.)

If you ever wanted to play Natsu from Fairy Tale, this build is your jam.

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Choose a race with high Charisma and a dragon color to match

Spellcasting for sorcerers is related to Charisma.  Therefore, I’ll need to choose a charismatic race.  I could also utilize Dexterity for my AC, saving throws and finesse weapon damage.  Let’s take a look at tiefling, half-elf and dragonborn.

A tiefling sorcerer with a red dragon bloodline is a whole lot of attitude and fire built into one character.  With a +2 Charisma/+1 Intelligence bonus combination and innate fire spells like hellish rebuke, I could go radical dragon demon on my foes.

Half-elves are granted a +2 Charisma bonus as well, with two +1 bonuses of my choice.  As I mentioned before, I’ll grant one to Dexterity.  The other could be Constitution for HP and resistance to certain spells.  Speaking of resistance, my Fey Ancestry grants me immunity to being magically put to sleep and advantage against being charmed. A half-elf with the red dragon bloodline is spot-on for creating Natsu.

Dragonborn seem to be the most thematically obvious here, though my Charisma bonus would be only +1.  My larger bonus will be a +2 to Strength, which I could still utilize for increased weapon damage.  Naturally, my dragon bloodline will be the same as my color—I like a blue dragon with lightning breath.

Use Font of Magic and Meta Magic to enhance elemental spells

At level 2, Font of Magic grants me “spell points”, which is a different well of magic than my normal spell slots.  The basic idea is that I can spend these spell points to regain spell slots.  Therefore, if I use all my spell slots for the day, I can pull from a bonus magic source and keep blasting away.

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When level 3 rolls around, I’ll then be able to use these spell points for Meta Magic—meaning I can spend these points on extra effects.  These are my options:

  • Careful Spell: Protect allies while damaging enemies around them with a field-effect spell.
  • Distant Spell: Double the range of spell that has a 5-foot range or more.
  • Empowered Spell: Reroll an amount of damage dice equal to your Charisma modifier (minimum 1).
  • Extended Spell: Double the duration of a spell that lasts 1 minute or longer.
  • Heightened Spell: Spend 3 points to grant disadvantage on an enemy’s saving throw to resist your spell.
  • Quickened Spell: Spend 2 spell points and change a casting time of 1 Action to 1 Bonus Action. This allows me to cast and move or attack.
  • Subtle Spell: Cast a spell without any somatic or verbal components.
  • Twinned Spell: Double a spell that target only one other person and blast another.  The amount of spell points spent is equal to the spells level.  To double a level 2 spell, spend 2 spell points.

Lean into draconic bloodline benefits: Draconic Resilience, Elemental Affinity, Dragon Wings, Draconic Presence.

My draconic bloodline benefits are tied to my dragon’s element.  Let’s use Natsu of Fairy Tale as an example.  This half-elf with an attitude shares a red dragon bloodline, giving him physical traits that resemble a red dragon and an affinity for fire magic.

Draconic Resilience taps into this visual component of the dragon sorcerer and gives it playable advantages.  Firstly, I gain 1 extra hit point and 1 extra hit point each time I level.  Then, I can utilize a thin sheen of dragon scales across my body as simple armor, increasing my base AC to 13 + my Dexterity modifier.  This early ability allows me options for melee combat—at least much more so than a wizard.

Elemental Affinity will allow me to add my Charisma modifier to spell damage associated with my dragon ancestry.  In other words, I’ll add an extra +3 or +4 damage to fire spells I cast for this particular character.  Also, I can spend 1 sorcery point and gain resistance to fire damage for 1 hour.

Dragon Wings can grow from my back at level 14, giving me flying speed equal to my walking speed.  The casting action is 1 bonus action, and the wings last until I use another bonus action.  Armor or clothing that could block these wings can’t be worn—but Natsu never needed armor.

Draconic Presence grants me the ability to channel the presence of my dragon ancestor at level 18—showing off on an epic level.  When I spend 5 sorcery points, I can cause every creature within 60 feet of me to make a Wisdom saving throw or be in awe or frightened.  This would be funny in a situation with a large group of combatants—making the whole field flee in terror.

Choose spells that thematically match your elemental dragon bloodline

Now that my Natsu character is fleshed out, I need to complete this magic build with a selection of spells.  Obviously, fire is going to be a key element I’ll focus on.  However, I’ll need other spells to complete my build.  Therefore, I’ll want to make sure they fit thematically and strategically as well.  Let’s take a look at the first few selections to get an idea.


For my initial cantrip decisions, I’ll need a varied list that includes my first fire spell.  These spells are on demand, so I should remember to choose wisely and cover many aspects of adventuring and combat.

  • Fire Bolt: Deals 1d10 fire damage and ignites flammable objects—my first fire spell.
  • True Strike: Grants me advantage on my next attack roll—a basic melee attack spell.
  • Mage Hand: Creates an ethereal arm and hand I can stretch out to manipulate objects far away from me. My ethereal arm and hand could look draconic.  This is good for lifting small objects, opening trapped doors or reaching high places—a utility spell for adventure.
  • Blade Ward: Grants me resistance to bludgeoning, piercing and slashing damage until the end of my turn—a defensive spell.

1st-level spells

My 1st-level spells will enhance the fire damage and further increase my defensive capabilities in a big way.  Plus, I’ll start to lean into my charismatic dragon nature.

  • Burning Hands: Creates a 15-foot cone of fire that hits multiple opponents within the range for 3d6 fire damage on a failed Dexterity save—area of effect spell with fire element.
  • Charm Person: Pulls from my draconic charisma to… charm a person. On a failed Wisdom save, a humanoid is charmed by me and considers me a friend—social gameplay
  • Shield: Grants me a +5 bonus to my AC until the start of my next turn—major defensive bonus.
  • Chromatic Orb: Is a sphere of energy dealing 3d8 elemental damage of my choice (fire) against a single opponent—high powered, single-enemy spell.

2nd-level spells

Now, we’re cooking (har, har) with higher-level spells after a few levels.  Now, I can utilize other aspects of a dragon—such as flight and further draconic transformation.

  • Scorching Ray: Gives me 3 scorching rays to blast at different opponents or a single opponent, dealing 2d6 fire damage per ray—fire spell that is powerful and versatile.
  • Levitate: Is on here because I don’t want to wait until level 14 to fly. Levitate allows me to fly myself or another target 20 feet into the air.
  • Gust of Wind Creates a 60-foot line of strong wind that pushes those who fail a Strength saving throw 15 feet back. This is one of those spells that plays with the idea of flight—and I can make my fires bigger.
  • Alter Self: Has several effects. I can change my appearance to something similar in size and shape.  Also, I can grow natural weapons (dragon claws) and attack with 1d6 slashing damage and a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls.  Finally, I’ll be able to grow gills and breath underwater—though I’ll probably be at a slight disadvantage underwater.

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