Guide to Building a Warlock Pact of the Talisman: DnD 5e

Choosing Pact of the Talisman for a warlock in DnD 5e utilizes the pact to protect and enhance themselves with a djinn or genie.  This character could have big Jaffar energy in campaign with deserts, oases and sandy temples.  When choosing this pact, remember:

Pact of the Talisman adds to ability checks.

The basic function of Pact of the Talisman is to add 1d4 to ability checks I fail.  However, I can only use this ability an amount of times equal to my proficiency bonus.  Therefore, I’ll want to be careful with using this ability early on.

My patron adds other protective effects to this amulet as I level.  So, think of it as a protective instrument.  Also, if I lose this talisman or amulet, I can create a new amulet with a 1-hour ritual.  I’ll need a short or long rest to complete this ritual, and my previous talisman will be destroyed.  Also, it’s destroyed if I die, so enemies can’t steal it and use it against my party.

Eldritch Invocations: Rebuke of the Talisman, Protection of the Talisman

When choosing the Pact of the Talisman, the real advantage comes when I tap into Eldritch Invocations that require the amulet.

Rebuke of the Talisman deals damage to foes who hit me with an attack equal to my proficiency bonus and push the foe back 10 feet.  Fortunately, this is the first Eldritch Invocation I choose and is one of the best reasons to choose this pact.

Protection of the Talisman (level 7 warlock) adds 1d4 to a saving throw, giving me added protection to spells, techniques and environmental hazards.  Again, I can use this ability an amount of times equal to my proficiency bonus.  Now, I have options for saving throws and ability checks.

For other Eldritch Invocation choices, I’ll add Repelling Blast to push foes I hit with eldritch blast 10 feet away.  This adds another opportunity to keep monsters off me.  Likewise, Agonizing Blast adds my Charisma bonus to eldritch blast damage.

Genie Patron combination—escape for ranged spells

Warlocks who take the Genie Patron gain access to elemental spells depending on genie type (Dao, Djinn, Efreeti, Marid).  Plus, they gain genie like abilities like hovering, escaping to a small vessel and even making a wish.  The talisman and Genie’s Vessel fit the same theme—magic connected to a small, mysterious device.

My Eldritch Invocations connected to the Pact of the Talisman can help me fend off enemy attackers as a primary spellcaster.  Rebuke of the Talisman will physically keep creatures away from me, and Protection of the Talisman can help me resist spell effects.  Now, I can focus on ranged spellcasting and damage dealing while I escape enemy damage.

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Hexblade Patron combination—blast back against surrounding foes at melee range.

The Hexblade Patron gives my warlock abilities with melee attacks—including improved critical hits and adding proficiency to damage rolls.  Plus, I’ll receive proficiency with medium armor, shields and martial weapons.  My tactics will be much more aggressive in combat, which is a big part of this character build.  In fact, I’m likely to fall into some sort of tanking role—if not being the tank outright.

I’ll gain other cool advantages like a combat-related extended spell list and the ability to make ghosts out of fallen enemies.

Using Rebuke of the Talisman against foes who pile up on my melee warlock—blasting away foes for a potential escape.  Plus, the added endurance of my Protection of the Talisman effects will keep me on my feet.

The Celestial Patron combination—protect the party healer.

Finally, a warlock who follows a Celestial Patron flips the script on the typical warlock archetype, connecting to a being of light or even a unicorn.  This warlock has unique spell options revolving around fire, healing and light—kind of like a cleric.  Naturally, a major feature of this Patron is the Healing Light ability, which gives my warlock a number of d6’s equal to 1 + my warlock level to heal others.

Because of this cleric-like nature, bonus rolls to saving throws and ability checks will come in handy.  Once again, Rebuke of the Talisman can help keep my warlock alive to heal others.  At the very least, I can push off opponents to run away and continue healing.

Plus, a unicorn talisman is going to be a fun thematic element to bring to this off-the-wall warlock.

To sum it up

The Pact of the Talisman is all about survival and useful skill checks.  In some ways, this warlock attribute is bard-like.  However, the saving throw and ability checks I modify will be limited.  Therefore, the Rebuke of the Talisman is the best reason to use this pact.  The extra damage is small—2 or 3 for quite a while—but the isolated pushing effect keeps me at range to sling spells.

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