guide to building a homebrew Starfinder campaign

Guide to Building a Homebrew Starfinder Campaign

When creating your own homebrew Starfinder campaign, consider the following elements: Use character backstories Read Starfinder lore for inspiration The New Planet—Exploration A Mysterious Signal—Cosmic Horror Cyber Mystery—Intrigue Bounty Hunts—Alien Monsters Outlaws—Don’t Get Caught The world built in the Starfinder RPG franchise is impressive and …

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dnd 5e druid circle of the land coast

Guide to Building a Coast Druid Circle of the Land: DnD 5e

When building and playing a coastal druid Circle of the Land in DnD 5e, consider the following: Try a half elf, Tortle or Aarakocra Backstories of beachside life Use Wild Shape animal forms with an island or coastal theme Bonus Coastal Spells Complementary Druid Spells …

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how to write a space western

Writing a Space Western: How to Write Cowboys in Space

When writing a story in the space western genre, consider the following elements: Western Hero Tropes. Themes of Exploration and Isolation How Does Technology Push Human Expansion? Arid/Desolate Setting The space western is a niche subgenre of sci fi that pulls elements of classic American …

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guide to building and playing an arctic druid in dnd 5e

Guide to Building an Arctic Druid Circle of the Land: DnD 5e

In Dungeons and Dragons 5e, the druid Circle of the Land leans toward the spellcasting niche within this class, pulling from various habitats to learn bonus spells.  Naturally, arctic druids get a list of freezing, slowing, pine-needle spreading spells.  As I level my arctic druid, …

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underground, subterranean, Underdark adventures and campaign guide DnD 5e or other TTRPG

DnD 5e: Guide to Building an Underground Campaign

Underground campaigns or adventures in Dungeons and Dragons 5e (or any other table-top RPG) can be as expansive as the Underdark or as quick as a monster’s cave lair.  These underground settings offer unique challenges, creatures and pitfalls to explore.  Building out an underground setting …

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most famous dragons in movies and TV

Famous Dragons In Movies and TV: What They Mean

The most famous dragons in movie and TV history include: Draco—Dragonheart Vermithrax Pejorative—Dragon Slayer Smaug—The Hobbit Shenron—Dragon Ball Toothless—How to Train Your Dragon Drogon—Game of Thrones Saphira—Eragon Elliott—Pete’s Dragon Falkor—The NeverEnding Story Haku—Spirited Away Mushu—Mulan Dragons are iconic monsters across the world of movies, TV …

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dnd 5e wizard school of illusion character guide

Guide to Building a Wizard School of Illusion DnD 5e

Wizards in Dungeons and Dragons 5e who follow the School of Illusion have a knack for confusing enemies and manipulating NPCs.  This character is great for those who want to play a mischievous, yet intelligent, party member with plenty of tricks up their sleeve.  For …

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Naruto mythology references featuring Shinto, Buddhist, East Asian references

Naruto: Major Shinto, Buddhist, East Asian Mythology References

Mythology references in Naruto include: Naruto—The Nine Tailed Fox Sasuke— Susanoo the Storm God Sharingan—Shinto Creation Myth Jiraiya, Orochimaru & Tsunade— The Tale of the Gallant Jiraiya Mythic Beasts: Bijuu and Isonade Naruto is an enormous franchise that pulls an immense amount of cultural creativity …

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DnD 5e RPG dinosaur campaign guide

Guide to Building a Dinosaur Adventure in DnD 5e

Dinosaur adventures in Dungeons and Dragons 5e and other tabletop RPGs can be a fun escape from the ordinary fantasy adventure.  Sure, dragons are a long-time staple in the genre, but other humungous reptiles need time in the spotlight, too.  Lost worlds, pristine wilderness and …

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ranger hunter build dnd 5e

Guide to Building a Ranger Hunter: DnD 5e

In Dungeons and Dragons 5e, ranger hunters are trackers, professional adventurers and stealthy monster slayers.  These characters are highly martial, blending ranger spells with skilled blade or bow work, but are deeply connected with the wild forces of nature. Consider these elements when building a …

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